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Behold, the archetypical Garfield strip! Enterprising Photoshop-wielding readers of this feature have already had their fun creating Garfield strips that encapsulate the comic’s essential blankness (though this one appears to be the only one still online). Here, however, we have a strip that features no visual movement whatsoever. None. The question then becomes: why even bother having separate panels? Why not one big panel with a chipmunk-cheeked Garfield in the center and a long thought balloon above, big enough to contain this strip’s allegedly humorous text? Is there something about the repetition of identical images that’s supposed to tell us something about the passage of time, about comic iconography? Or does it just suck?

Speaking of sucking: if you’re just going to be using the Cut and Paste features of your design program to reproduce three panels, you really ought to use the time you’ve freed up to come up with a good joke. Sadly, the Jim Davis Fun Time Factory chose not to take this path. In protest, I’ve chosen to replace the text with a classic anecdote from the Truly Tasteless Jokes series.