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Gil Thorp, 4/4/05

OK, so Ludacris probably isn’t going to make an appearance, but at least we’ve got drug dealing! Yes, it seems that Hutch Renfro — who only days ago stolid Coach Thorp was praising for his spark or his zing or his moxie or his fullness of beans or some such — is full of a bit more than beans. Which one of Milford’s indistinguishable student-athletes will be the first to succumb to Hutch’s slick “stuff” push? Will it be, um, the guy who lost all the weight? Or, uh, one of the other guys? Or Steve Luhm, whose bulbous hair and Buddy Holly glasses are creeping in from the left edge of frame three? Once the first victim gets hepped up on coke or meth or what have you, there’ll at least be some vague excuse for the twitchy, spastic pacing of this strip.

By the way, the fact that “the no. 1 dealer at Milford” is setting a fifty-cent maximum bet at his poker game tells me that Milford is every bit as lame as I think it is.