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No doubt many of you who are just beginning to appreciate the joys of Gil Thorp have thought to yourself, “There’s no way human hair can look like that in real life!” Well, maybe not, but you can get pretty close with just water and shampoo:

Now, why have I chosen to humiliate myself in this fashion? To encourage you to do the same! You see, there’s been a modest uptick in Comics Curmudgeon gear sales in the past couple weeks. And yet nobody has sent me a photo of themselves wearing, drinking out of, or otherwise using their fun new products! Now, I’m honored, humbled, and excited that you’re buying the stuff (not to mention a dollar richer — or strictly speaking, less poor — for every sale), so it seems a little petty to ask yet more of you. But since you’re clearly prepared to wear it in public to the general bafflement of mankind, why not show it off to the one group of people who are in on the joke? Please, I beg of you: grab your photo phone and digital camera and send me the pic!

Speaking of moneymaking opportunities: if you’re reading these words, you know how intelligent, attractive, and well-heeled Comics Curmudgeon readers are. You’ve probably thought to yourself, “I’d like to advertise my for-profit scheme on this blog, but Google can’t guarantee that my ad will be here, and to be on Amazon you need to be ‘published.'” Well, fear not! I’ve now signed up to have ads from Blogads in my left-hand navbar, and have been so pleased with them that I’ve kicked Amazon to the curb. If you click on the “advertise on the comics curmudgeon” link at the bottom of the ads (or, heck, just click here) you can advertise on this site for as little at $10!

And finally, I, under no financial obligation whatsoever, urge you to check out the new blog at Drink At Work, penned by Medium Large and Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano. He’s been doing a pretty funny series about the comic strip-writing process, which includes one of the most savage and a hilarious screeds directed against Prickly City that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen plenty). Ces, man, you better watch your back at the next Reuben Awards banquet or wherever the hell it is you people get together.

Update: OK, not exactly what I had in mind, but check out our newest sexy model: