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Mary Worth, 4/16/05

I thought that maybe it would stop when cruel fate and Dr. Brian’s need to earn a living briefly separated them, but apparently Anna’s brain has been completely taken over by the majesty and fullness and wonder of their love and now she can talk of NOTHING ELSE. In panel two, the extreme closeup on her blank face, unlined by any worry or coherent thought, seems to reveal that she’s so in love that her left eye is about to roll back into her head.

The people I really pity in this situation are her poor yoga students. “Let your breath be your teacher. Leave the rest of your day behind and focus on the present … and on the INCREDIBLY TRUSTING BOND OF TRUST YOU HAVE WITH YOUR MOST TRUSTED LOVED ONE. Seriously, mastering a headstand is one thing, but unless you have the OPENNESS and SHARING of a TRUE LOVE TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP, your life is crap. Did I mention that I’m going to have a BABY?”