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Apartment 3-G, 5/22/05

That may look like just another Wildly Inappropriate Margo Reaction Shot™ in the last panel, which is why Lu Ann is ignoring it and continuing her clumsy dumb-girl flirting. But Margo’s eyes are a little too wide and glassy — I’m beginning to worry that “custodian” is her secret sleeper agent code-word, and that by uttering it Scott has accidentally transformed her into a merciless zombie assassin. Quick, guys, run for higher ground!

Assuming that zombie-Margo doesn’t crack their heads open and feast on their succulent brains, it looks like Lu Ann and Scott are off to a good start: he doesn’t seem to have minded her horrible classist assumptions about him, and the crippling learning disability that leaves her unable to remember the punchlines of simple jokes will also keep her from noticing how often he compares her to his mother. Sadly, however, I fear that one of Scott’s own stereotype-based assumptions — that Lu Ann is blonde and stupid, and therefore easy — is going to come back to bite him in the ass.

Meanwhile, in one of the most egregious instances of soap opera strip laziness ever, Monday’s Apartment 3-G doesn’t just recap Sunday’s action — it actually just copies the dialogue, word for word. Don’t think we don’t notice this stuff, you bums!