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Judge Parker, 5/28/05

I’m not going to stoop to the level of certain commentors and go into the homoerotic subtext in panel one here (mostly because said commentors have already beat me to it). Rather, I’d just like to hold this strip up as a an example of Judge Parker’s overwhelming lameness. After having the prospect of exciting jungle adventures dangled in front of us for weeks now, we finally get the payoff today in the form of … red-hot auto stuck-in-the-mud action! Taste the excitement! I assume that Le Doux and/or Wilson think they’re being all graphically cutting edge with the two-panel-spanning VAROOOM, and with Sam’s small-print, squiggly-tailed word balloon, which is intended to illustrate his long-suffering attitude but just ends up looking like a grateful sperm. Fortunately for Sam, while his shirt and forearm hair are caked with filthy Mexican mud, his electric blue trousers are unsullied.