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So here I am, a week from my last post, desperately trying to stave off a comment-based insurrection. Not by actually putting up a new comic or anything, but still. J-to-the-osh is behind, is casting aside the old comics as he takes the recycling out, and will be back with new stuff tomorrow. Typical excuses: busy with the cursed work and social life that molds my trenchant wit and yet keeps me from my muse. Curses! Meanwhile, I hope the new comment of the week is some small consolation to you all.

Oh yeah, and one other thing: in order to stave off comment spam, my ISP has put some kind of tougher server-side controls in. That means that some comments, for reasons I’m not quite clear on, are going into a comment queue that I have to moderate. If this happens to your comment, do not panic: I will do what I have to do to get it on the site in short order. In particular, do not attempt to post the same comment, like, a kajillion times.