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Rex Morgan, M.D., 6/16/05

“I told you, boy! I told you! I told you that if you tried to go into some kind of pansy-ass line of work like ahr-kee-ology that someone would try to beat you to death with a fence post!”

Seriously, I’m not sure what makes a profession “manly,” but if it puts you in a position where you might be bludgeoned to death, well, that seems pretty damn butch to me. Of course, I’m sure that’s just the sort of fancy-pants graduate school logic that would enrage Pater Foxworth all the more.

Also: It’s been covered already by you witty commentators, but I feel obligated to share this bizarre Gil Thorp panel with the masses:

Note to high school baseball coaches who use images of the Virgin Mary as pitchers: if your icon of the Holy Mother of God begins to sweat and/or weep blood, it’s time to bring in a reliever. May we suggest St. James the Just? Or Coleman. Whatever.