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As I noted last month, sometimes my ISP puts comments that it suspects to be spam into a queue. I have to sign off on said comments in order for them to appear on the site. I urged you then to not panic and/or repost your comment a jillion times if it does not appear as soon as you post it. This advice has largely gone unheeded, which means that I often have to figure out which out of seven or eight near-identical comments to approve. So, here’s a tip for y’all: one word that seems to guarantee indefinite detention in Comment Guantanomo Bay is that acronym beloved by spamming pornographers and lonely perverted comics readers alike: MILF. WoodrowFan in a comment proposed CILF as a non-filter-triggering alternative (with the C standing for cartoon). So go nuts, sleazebags!

Update: Apparently the innocent toponym Milford also gets caught, by association. Thanks to daChipster for the detective work. As a euphemism for Milford, I suggest the phrase poorly drawn hell on Earth.