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So I get an e-mail in my in-box today with the exciting subject line “Margo Goes Topless!” Sadly, it’s just faithful reader Scott Brodeur pointing out that Margo’s been prancing around with her blouse off for the past couple of days, which might have been exciting if she hadn’t wearing some Eisenhower-era undergarment the whole time:

I mean, when we’ve already have sexy Margo scenes like this and this, this week’s offerings aren’t so special.

No, what’s of more interest to me in comics land is that I’ve laughed aloud at Shoe for the past two days!

Shoe, 6/20-21/05

I mean, lookie there! Two Shoes in a row that were funny! Although, strictly speaking, I think the first is funnier than the second. And if you really think about it, the set-up for the second doesn’t really make sense — a quick survey the Perfersser’s desk will reveal that he is not in fact suffering from OCD. And … um …

Oh, what the hell. You know it’s what we all want!

Half-naked and … desperate, you say? Hmmm…