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Um, hey everybody! Yeah, so, this past weekend, I fell a little behind the ol’ curmudgeoning business … see, I’ve got this little old wedding thing coming up in less than a month, and we’ve still got to do things like write our vows and figure out where everyone’s going to sit and how to decorate and what to do if it rains and … stuff like that.

Not that actually we did any of that this past weekend, mind you. But we did determine that a lot of Beck will be played during various stages of the festivities. Plus, we picked out our wines! That was fun.

Anyway, because doing work is boring, I will spend the next little while putting together a post that really brings the glory and pageantry of the past few day’s comics (Ear-twisting! Nose-picking! Alcoholic rhymes! Rick Reilly!) to light. Hopefully by mid-afternoon or so. So hold on tight!

Oh, and thanks to all of those who felt that putting money in my virtual tip jar would woo me back. Not necessary, but appreciated! Ah, sweet sweet Paypal’d cash.