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OK, so there are going to be some real comics posts later tonight, but for the moment I have a question. A quick glance at my referral logs indicates that I’m getting dozens of hits today from people asking Google “What was the first comic strip to feature someone being shot to death?” or close variations thereupon. (Putting that text here on the front page of course ensures that I’ll just get more hits from people searching on it, of course.) I don’t know the answer, but I’d love to know why so many people are out there searching the Net for this tidbit when they should be working hard to boost the American economy. So can someone, possibly someone who is looking for this piece of information, tell me why everyone is so hot and bothered on the subject today? As a reward, I promise to post likely answers that people send to me.

Update: For those of you too lazy to look in the comments, apparently people are looking to win “points” of some sort by entering a trivia contest run by a radio station’s Web site, which posed the above brain teaser. Smart money from the smart folks who read this site is on Dick Tracy as the site of the first comics-cide. For the humor-impaired, pleased do not enter Love Is as your guess, as you will only embarrass yourself.