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Hey kids: my original plan was to keep posting witty commentary right up to the moment of my impending nuptuals this coming Saturday (Sept. 10). However, with all the last-minute stuff to do, it’s become increasingly clear that this isn’t going to happen, especially considering that I’m already like five days behind. In addition, I just heard from my Web host that I have to upgrade my install of WordPress within the next week or so or my site will be shut down, which will eat into my valuable futzing-with-the-blog time.

Thus, I hearby declare today to be the beginning of my soft hiatus. I will probably post another metapost or two over the next few days, pertaining to the WordPress upgrade, the long-awaited Ira-themed tank tops, a contest for readers, and an exciting new concept which will be called the “ultra-post” and which I cannot reveal details about at this time. Then on Sept. 11 the future Mrs. C and I jet off for two weeks in Greece, sans laptop, so: no comics updates at all, till Sept. 26. But till then: keep watching this space for non-comics-related but hopefully still riveting material.

Update: Oh, yeah, I meant to ask: is there anyone out there who’s had experience moving a heavily tweaked and modified stylesheet from WordPress 1.2.x to WordPress 1.5? If so, please e-mail me. You’ll be remembered forever as “the person who helped Josh move The Comics Curmudgeon from WordPress 1.2 to WordPress 1.5.”