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I am about to upgrade this blog from WordPress 1.2 to Wordperss 1.5. It is very likely that the blog will look quite funked up for at least a little while. Your patience is appreciated.

Update: OK, this layout at least makes all the content visible to all major browsers, which believe you me is an improvement over what I was playing with on my staging site a few hours ago. I am aware that certain aspects of the formatting of the blog are now a bit screwy, particularly under Firefox and Safari. (And those are the browsers I use, so don’t think that what I’m about to say is a case of “You loony hippies with your weirdo browsers — why don’t ya just use Interweb Explorer like Bill Gates intends?”) But unless some super-smart CSS guru can say to me “Ah, these problems are simply fixed by [some series of tweaks that will take less than ten minutes]”, I’m afraid I might not have time to deal with it before I jet off to Greece.

A more pressing issue is the comments: the moderation queue seems suddenly more aggresive, tagging things as spam that aren’t spam. I urge all of you to try your hand at commenting here so I can see what is being caught by the spam blocker. If your comment doesn’t show up, please don’t post multiple versions of it; it’s just caught in the spam filter, and when I have a chance I will moderate it and make it live.

On the flip side, the fact that you no longer have to preview your comments before you can post them means that a lot of real spam will end up in my moderation queue, which will make my brain melt very quickly. Anyone with any WordPress 1.5 experience with suggestions on how to restore the previewing functionality, which seems to have been fried with the upgrade, please contact me.

Update the second: OK, OK, one problem solved… turns out that WP 1.5 is set to put all comments into the queue if the commentator hasn’t previously been OK’d. I think I’ve fixed that. Now to set it up to preview — I’ve got a line on that too. DEVELOPING… as Matt Drudge would say.

Update the third: I give up for now. I’ve had to turn off the comment pop-up for reasons to dorky and not even useful to go into here. Please let me know any functionality problems you’re having on this thread. Aesthetic problems will be dealt with after my triumphant return as a married man. Oh, and the timestamp problem isn’t new …. not that I know how to solve it. Ugh.

Last update of the night: OK, the previewing thing is now working! Whew.