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So we went and got married. It was real nice, real nice, I tell ya. Then we went to Greece for two weeks. That was real nice, too.

A couple enterprising Cardinals who knew us before this blog gave our nuptials a worldwide audience attended the blessed event and have posted pics on this forum thread, if you’re interested. Pix start on the fourth post, so scroll down.

After returning from our honeymoon, we arrived home to a huge pile of mail and a mysterious box from some glass-blowing outfit. We opened it with some trepidation, only to find inside, courtesy of yellowjkt, two painstakingly hand-crafted blown-glass symbols of marriage: two swans, birds that, if you haven’t heard, mate for life.

Hopefully these won’t be rudely shattered by some ungrateful drunken houseguest years after my tragic demise. You can’t really see it in this pic, but the glass making up the little beaks and wings is golden colored. They are simultaneously two of the most hideous and wonderful things I have ever seen.

Tomorrow, I think, there will be real, actual, new comics commentary and content. Also, I will get around to reading the comments on the ULTRA POST — congrats on hitting quadruple digits, by the way. And soon, a redesign of the redesign, with legibility in mind. But while I’m still on my gettin’-hitched high, I wanted to share one more thing with you. See, we asked our guests to e-mail us wedding-, love-, and us-themed haiku for our wedding; a friend of Amber’s wrote them onto little flags that were hung around the wedding site. She also set up a little station where people could write more haiku during the reception. Some of them were sweet, some were silly, all were wonderful. But the one I wanted to reprint here was from our friend Sam Wiley, who loves Mary Worth as much as I do:

They’re not like Tommy
Who sold that guy some bad stuff
Their love is good stuff