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OK, with less than 48 hours of single life left, I am posting my last pre-wedding-and-honeymoon post. A few bits of housecleaning:

*Just over a year ago, when I went to France for two weeks, I held a “Summarize the soaps” contest. I encouraged readers to e-mail me an amusing summary of what had happened in one of the soap opera strips while I was gone. I got some pretty good responses, and at the time my traffic was about a tenth of what it is now, so I’m expecting some very good responses this time around, dig? Feel free to summarize the soap of your choice, or even a non-soap if it’s feeling soapy. Winners get nothing tangible, but will have their entries reprinted by me in the blog and singled out for adulation.

*One of last year’s winners was one of this blog’s most venerable Cardinals. You know him as Smitty Smedlap, but he has a fine blog of his own called Subdivided We Stand. I’m singling him out because he’s just started a new feature called I Read Leviticus So You Don’t Have To that will hopefully keep you entertained in my absence. It’s just like my blog except, you know, with the book of Leviticus instead of the comics.

Oh, yeah, and now for the new concept: the ULTRA POST! Basically, it goes like this: this post is going to be the top one on the blog for two weeks. How many comments can you accumulate during this time? Only time — specifically, the next two weeks — will tell. But the comments section will get ULTRA BIG. However, I must say that just posting gibberish or “First Post!” or what not constitutes cheating. The ULTRA POST will only be brought to its ULTRA STATUS by the kind of witty commentary that I’ve come to expect from y’all. Now get crackin’!