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And when I say “mine”, I mean “faithful reader Doug Mayo-Wells'”. Because Doug did what I couldn’t do: figure out a way to fix the annoying bug where graphics would get pushed way down to the bottom of the left-hand nav bar, leaving acres of blank space for those who look at the site in smallish monitors on IE. His fix had the added bonus of preventing Firefox from squishing the graphics to the width of the browser window. The only downside is that the fix involves adding a bit of code to most of the entries on the site; I’ve updated all the posts from October, and will be working my way through the back catalog in the next few days, so if you still see the bug on older pages, don’t panic: help is on the way.

As should be clear by now, Doug strides the earth as a god among mere mortals; you should check out his Web and interactive media consulting and Web hosting services, along with Pathetic Caverns, where he offers his “eclectic reviews and opinions.”

With this fix, I hearby declare the new template to be fixed. There is only one other significant bug that I’ve been informed of, and it’s something of a doozy: for puzzling reasons, some users are only seeing every other comment (and the “missing” comments aren’t numbered, so that, for instance, what is really comment #3 appears to them as comment #2). As near as I can tell, the people seeing this bug are using Internet Explorer on a Mac. Thought I hate to be the sort of person who says this, all I can tell these people is: you need to use a different browser. Microsoft has not updated the Mac version of its browser since 2001, and if you’re using it, you will have increasing numbers of problems as Web standards advance, and you’ll be increasingly vulnerable to security holes as well. If you’re using Mac OS X, switching won’t be a problem for you: you should use either Safari, which comes for free with your computer, or Mozilla Firefox, which you can download for free. If you’re on an older computer that uses OS 9 or earlier, modern browsers are harder to come by. I recommend WaMCom, a variant of the Mozilla browser that is probably the most current free browser available for the older version of Mac OS. Scroll down to the heading “Apple Mac OS 8.6 and 9.x classic” and click on the link that says “wamcom-131-macos9-20030723.sit”.