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Curtis, 10/8/05

“Oh, yes! You’re the child that insisted that you were in a relationship with her despite her denials, and threatened her with violence if she dressed ‘inappropriately,’ aren’t you? How dear! Yes, I’m happy to supply whatever information we have about her. Would you like the address of her new school? How about her home phone number?”

As unlikely as I find this storyline, with everyone in the school knowing about Michelle’s transfer except for the one boy who’s been psychotically obsessed with her forever, and with the school records officer freely handing out confidential information without any money even changing hands, I have to admit that I like it for a number of reasons: it showed us Curtis rendered zombie-eyed with grief; it allowed for some quite evocative art in the third and fourth panels; and it seems to finally, finally put an end to the increasingly tiresome Curtis-Michelle-Chutney triangle. Or so it seems, at least. I’m sure if there’s a way to drag it out even further, Curtis will find it.