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Mary Worth, 10/7/05

Remember The Abyss, James Cameron’s 1989 sci-fi vehicle? Remember how goddamn annoying it was because it had, like, five endings? Oh, I know, I’m gonna hear “genius” this and “director’s cut” that and “Orson Scott Card novelization” what have you, but my chief memory of it was that it just wouldn’t end. Every time you thought it was over, there would be another ending that we really didn’t need.

I’m beginning to feel that way about the Rita storyline in Mary Worth. First we see that she’s saved by grief counseling. Then we find out that she’s really saved when her cousin comes to take her back to Bumpkintown. Now we find out that she’s really, really saved by the love of an adorable little macrocephalic with a bad haircut. Next week: Rita gets really, really, really saved when she gets her first paycheck from Vic’s store.

Faithful reader Brian Tencza (who is apparently part of a “Mary Worth discussion group”) points out that in Sunday’s installment, a suddenly Jackie O-esque Rita is playing ball with Shanna, who has mysteriously morphed from unattractive blonde to homely brunette:

Brian suggests that Rita has dyed the little Vicling’s hair to enhance the resemblance to her dead, brown-haired daughter. While I’m reasonably sure that this anomaly can be chalked up to the usual coloring sweatshop incompetence, I too would like to think that Rita’s relationship with her second cousin will soon veer into Vertigo-style obsession (“Shanna is such an ugly name! Wouldn’t you rather I called you … Fay?“). Just imagine that Mary’s little wrap-up narrative voiceover has some eerie strings playing behind it for the full effect.