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If you’ve forgotten — and if my anemic sales are any indication, it appears that you have — there are wacky, Brick House-inspired workout clothes available from my CafePress store. Today I received a couple of photos of isometricians in action. First up is faithful reader Mooselet, who will be baffling people Down Under with her new tank top:

I also got this pic from my friend Matt, who is chipping in a little bit of his pathetic grad student salary to support my blogging efforts. Now, I happen to know that Matt is a wiry, spindly fellow — he’s not Brick House scrawny, but, at my wedding when I last saw him, he sure wasn’t as beefy as he appears in this pic. Either this sleeveless T is designed to accentuate the physique, or those isometrics really work!

Both have joined the cavalcade of models in my sidebar ads. Click on their pics at any time to acquire these fine garments or any other classic bit of Comics Curmudgeon gear — the “More Zippers, Mule!” shirt that started the craze, the “Free Hutch” shirt that cried out for justice, or the “Roadside” thong that no one’s had the guts to have their picture taken in yet. Spend your money there today! I command it!