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“Hey,” you’re saying. “Not much going on in this week’s Apartment 3-G,” you’re saying. Well, that’s because you haven’t been following the fortunes of the guy I like to call El Sombrero Rojo.

See, on Tuesday, the call went out for extras. “We need a guy in a red hat and a black vest,” said the casting people, and this fellow was just happy to be there.

A couple panels later, they moved him to the foreground. Was it just to provide a counterpoint to the Blaze-Lu Ann conversation? Was he supposed to be looking wistfully at Lu Ann to reinforce the idea that she’s got effervescent good looks? Or were the Apartment 3-G powers that be beginning to notice his undeniable charisma?

Wednesday, he was in the background again, but he was projecting a sort of wry bemusement, or maybe a bemused wryness — anyway, it was the sort of fine-grained character work we’ve now come to expect from Vesty McRedhat.

And now, after he’s paid his dues … he actually gets a speaking part!

Apartment 3-G, 12/8/05

Unfortunately, it involved losing a battle of wills Lu Ann Powers, the dumbest blonde in Manhattan. Nobody said it’d be easy to break into the big time, buddy.