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Sally Forth, 1/5/06

OK, we all know Ces already has this one plotted out months in advance, but still, let’s try to think up a new job for Ted that will both leave him more personally fulfilled and open up new narrative possibilities for the strip!

  • A renegade cop who plays by his own rules
  • NASCAR pit crew member
  • Pastry chef
  • Mob accountant
  • Gay porn star Gas station attendant
  • Drifter/hobo
  • Lion tamer

C’mon, everybody, join the fun!

Whatever it is our little Ted decides to do when he grows up, he’ll need a new shirt to do it in. Right now, he looks like he’s wearing a Yankees uniform with a tie. At least he’s not the worst dressed member of the Forth household: Sally’s outfit is exactly like Cathy’s Irving’s get-up, only in a much uglier color.

Update: Ces offers sample Ted dialogue for these jobs over at Drink At Work.