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Luann, 1/4/06

I can’t believe the amount of mail I got today about this cartoon. “Oooh, look, Mama Luann is poking out her own eye!” “Oooh, look, Mama Luann’s face cream is black for some reason!” I swear, it’s like you people have never seen someone applying stage makeup before bed in order to simulate a black eye to help along some safe, consensual, simulated-punch-in-the-face roleplay. If it weren’t for all the hubbub from you sheltered prudes, I wouldn’t even bother talking about it.

If you want to contemplate something really sick, however, you ought to try keeping track of the number of Luann strips that feature either Papa Luann or Brad brushing his teeth. It’s like the author has some sort of perverted pudgy-balding-guy-brushing-his-teeth fetish. And that ain’t right.