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Blondie, 3/3/06

I think we should take a break from the rampant gay sex innuendo in Rex Morgan, M.D., and take a look at the rampant drug lingo in Blondie. I was in a bowling league for the better part of a decade and never, ever heard of anyone bowling a couple of “lines.” I think we all know what Herb and Dagwood were doing with some “lines” without their wives before the censors got their hands on this strip. Soon the comics will no doubt be rife with drug innuendo:

  • Sally Forth to Ted Forth: “Say, Hillary’s at her friend’s; do you want to go out back and ‘pull’ some ‘weeds’?”
  • Leroy Lockhorn to nameless acquaintance: “Loretta used to really get to me, but now I make sure to ‘ride’ the ‘horse’ before I get home, and I’m too blissed out to worry about anything.”
  • Dot Flagston to Ditto Flagston: “Let’s get f’ed up on PCP and try to ram mom’s station wagon into a cop car.”