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Get Fuzzy, 4/8/06

Considering the amount of energy that commentors put into the discussion, I feel obliged to weigh in with my opinion on this week’s Get Fuzzy, which, with the conclusion finally revealed, I must say is: a swing and a miss. Still, Get Fuzzy is never about the punchline; “He never did tell good stories,” and Bucky’s deranged attempt to look philosophical, paw gestures included, in panel two, are each funnier than anything that’s happened in Hi and Lois, ever.

Meanwhile, Apartment 3-G’s happy trinity is enjoying a group hug:

Notice the blinding radiance being emitted by Margo, the central figure, proving once again her quasi-divine status. With that topknot, she’s looking positively Buddha-like. Notice also that it’s really mostly Margo hugging Lu Ann, with Tommie, as usual, desperately hoping someone will notice that she’s still there.