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Curtis, 5/5/06

Though Curtis-bashing is often the order of the day around here, I’ve come to have admiration for the strip’s art, which is generally funnier than the ostensible humor content. It’s busy and kind of old school and I like it. Today my heart was won over by Gunther’s niece Rose Petal (oddly referred to as “Niece Rose Petal”, though at least not as “Niece ‘Rose Petal'”) who appears to be Gunther in drag. And not very convincing drag. The weird boobs, the impossible butt, the buck teeth — good times, good times.

Meanwhile, in Judge Parker, somebody’s a little concerned about Sophie the homework outsourcer:

We now know that Sam and Abbey’s palatial estate is in Florida … because that’s clearly none other than erstwhile Sunshine State election honcho, current Congressperson, and future failed Senate candidate Katherine Harris!