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I would have completely forgotten if faithful reader Zorba the Geek hadn’t pointed it out, but today is in fact my second anniversary in the comics blogging biz. Yes, on July 11, 2004, I made my first blog post, about Non Sequitur of all things, though I didn’t unleash it on the world (by which I mean, I didn’t e-mail the URL to the handful of friends that I assumed would constitute my entire audience) until the end of that week. If you’d like to see this blog in embryonic form, check out these posts from that first week.

Over the last two years, my readership has grown way, way beyond that initial group of people, and one of the things that has encouraged me to keep going is the knowledge that you’re all out there, reading, laughing, and often topping me in the comments section and in the forum. You’re also incredibly nice and generous to me, and, apparently, often forward this URL to your friends. One of the nice things that happened to me today was a note from faithful reader Mooncity, creator the comic Autumn Lake, who was nice enough to work me into his comic today. Thanks Mooncity! Read and rejoice!

A couple of other readers saw my new sidebar picture from yesterday against a “green screen” (it’s just the wall of my office! our house is very colorful!) and puckishly put me into various odd situations. DCBirdblaster sent me to the United Airlines VIP lounge in Inchon Airport, S. Korea:

And Devil in the Drain helped me live out my longstanding fantasy vis-a-vis the Apartment 3-G girls:

(By the way, those are the original girls, from the ’60s, back when the strip had actual sex appeal. If you haven’t seen this this Website, from which the above graphic is derived, you are in for a shock.)

In other sidebar photo news, you may have already noticed the dynamic, prize-winning married duo of Lucy Van Pelt and Dr. Jeff Cory, showing off their spiffy new Comics Curmudgeon gear:

Join them today! Send those pics!

Finally, I leave you with two more blog finds. On the single-comic-blog front, there’s Joe Mathlete explains today’s Marmaduke in 500 words or less, which is pretty much what it says on the label, really, and is also frickin’ hilarious. And Livejournaler mia_d has this post, which is in and of itself a hilarous but perfectly natural reaction to the existence of They’ll Do It Every Time, but what really caught my eye was this comment from lostbirdfound, which revealed the following:

Jimmy Hatlo [the original TDIET artist] also did a strip called “Hatlo’s Inferno” which is basically “They’ll Do It Every Time”… in Hell. Needless to say, it rules.

Holy crap. Click here and here for more. I order you to find more of this for me.

Update: A Halto’s Inferno slideshow and an eBay auction of a classic Halto’s Inferno book (scroll down for a good “naughty damned nurse” cartoon). Thanks to bigoldgeek and DarkHorse02GT for the respective head’s ups. I think this strip achieves Outbursts of Everett True levels of horror and wonder.