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Mary Worth, 9/12/06

Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary — it looks like you’ve figured out that the only way to drag this storyline out further is to, um, drag it out further. It becomes obvious that she’s going off-script when she fails to join into the barbershop quartet number that the Charterstone Mafia had planned for the triumphal climax of the intervention.

For Better Or For Worse, 9/12/06

You know, if Liz has to worry about her bosses at the public school board being mad at her because she needs to take time off to obey a subpoena and testify in court against the guy who tried to rape her, then Canada may not be the workers’ paradise that I had imagined it to be.

You know what I hate more than the idea that Liz and Anthony are going to fall into each others’ arms over the course of this rape trial? The fact that we’re treated to “Anthony-Cam” in panel four, seeing just how sexily tarted up Lizardbreath looks to her wimpy paramour. Ick.