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Once again, picking a comment of the week was really tough this week, and while I couldn’t resist another opportunity to link to that ludicrous bear picture, I wanted to acknowledge some quotes that had me guffawing over the past few days.

“I’d like to see a ‘plugger’s wife’ defending her cubs by mauling some extras from Mark Trail. Now that would be comedy. ‘You know you’re a plugger when … your wife completely dismembers random passers-by who get too close to the kids!’ On second thought, that’s not quite depressing enough for a Pluggers panel.” — Darth Paradox

“What was the idea submitted for today’s TDIET? ‘People with cell phones are annoying’? I’m going to send one in re: sometimes people get in the grocery store express check-out with more then 15 items. That ought to rock his world.” –Summerhouse

“But this, of course, is A3G, where the unending theme is the impossibility of happiness, even fleetingly.” –Craigers

“When you die and go to your judgment, and are let into heaven not because you did good, but because a paranoid conscience was your iron master, then you spent your life in Apartment 3-G.” –tefflan

“Is it possible for three people to say something in unison … anything at all … and have it not be laugh-out-loud funny? Imagine the three most serious and important people you can. Say, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, Henry David Thoreau, and Nelson Mandela. And they all look at you and say, together… YOU BETTER NOT! I have to admit, I’d laugh. A lot.” –Edward

“‘Devil, What do you think?’ Um, I THINK I’M A FREAKING DOG, Ghost-who-apparently-isn’t-the-brains-in-this-operation. And if it were up to me, we’d be back on the dock, warm and dry with snausages all around.” –SmartPeopleOnIce

“Anthony has got to be either gay, or a Methodist youth minister, or both.” –CBrachyrhynchos

“Here’s an informal challenge: Find me a Pluggers strip that can’t be captioned, ‘You’re a plugger if your abject poverty is slowly destroying your body and sapping your very will to live.'” –Christopher

“I hate Spider-Man with all the hatred I can muster, and that’s a lot.” –bootsybooks

“I feel very strongly that Blondie would have appealed to a younger demographic if, instead of ‘pro-pimiento,’ the phrase ‘pimiento-pimping’ had been used.” –saint ruby

On Ian and Toby Cameron’s sex life: “I see her sprawled naked across the bed like a swastika and him upright on the Persian rug beside it so that he can have sex in his most comfortable position: standing and lecturing.” –Dingo