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So, too tired to do post of Sunday’s comics tonight — will do tomorrow at some point, but I did want to do the comments of the week. This week’s winner made me giggle with glee:

“Yeah, beaver, I stole your damned briefcase. You know why? Because I have so much use for tiny little beaver clothes and chewed pieces of wood. You caught me. Is there a little beaver fedora in here? I want one of those like you wouldn’t believe.” –bup

Other giggle inducers:

“I think the point of FOOB’s great love for Granthony is that it’s not what’s outside that counts — good looks, exciting career, etc. — it’s that Granthony’s soul is so well-suited to Liz, it’s as if it’s another part of her. Unfortunately, that part is her ass: pasty, blobby, and nondescript.” –Gadge Cubic, Mole Preener

“What’s with the unsupervised tike tearing underfoot in panel 4? Since when would Mary let that slide? The old Mary would take him aside and offer up some home-spun platitudin’: Young man, there is no ‘I’ in polite. Then she’d slip a hairpin from her well-coiffed bun and gig the kid like a frog.” –SmartPeopleOnIce

“I hope you like tuna casserole, with a side order of spite.” –Miss Alexandra

“It’s easily to criticize Slylock Fox because it’s simplistic, obviously written backward from the conclusion, and frequently uses puzzles that have been around for decades. But it’s written for kids! How better to teach them about the duplicity and rigged competitions they’re going to have to face as adults?” –Mr. O’Malley

“Hey, Slylock, here’s a fun fact you might use as a clue in your next strip: You can’t steal from a beaver because beavers can’t legally own anything!” –Meanwhile

“Hasn’t anyone noticed that in the time it took Raju to come to the U.S., solve Abbey’s rat problem, reinvent his image, network his way into a free ride at a prestigious university, and ride off to a glorious new future, Neddy is still packing for art school? No wonder they’re kicking our ass economically.” –cheech wizard

“Say what you will about the artist’s depiction of casseroles, but they captured Ella’s look of mild disappointment mingled with disgust perfectly.” –Citric

“I feel it my duty to inform the people that TUNA CASSEROLE can be rearranged to spell ONE CAT ASS RULE. Once I saw I could get the words CAT ASS out of it, I didn’t really care about the rest.” –Baby D’oh

“It occurred to me today that the pan of tuna casserole has made an appearance in MW for seven consecutive days. I certainly hope that tuna casserole is symbolic of something other than the fact that reading Mary Worth every day is eating away at my soul.” –DaveyK

“I am a fan of the notion that Ziggy is totally losing his mind and he is walking around his house delivering ultimatums to empty holes (that he probably made himself while randomly blasting away at imaginary foes with a shotgun) while his menagerie of pets cowers in a closet, praying to their pet-gods that Ziggy doesn’t snap and come after them and turn them into hats. Ziggy is much more entertaining if you view it as a short, dumpy, bald, pants-less, earless, shoeless, toeless man’s lonely slide into howling, drooling madness.” –Lyman Returns

“How can [Dr. Octopus] possibly get a job with his tacky wardrobe and shit hanging off of his sides? He’s also overweight and apparently has no reproductive organs. Hell, his superpower should be making people feel sorry for him.” –Concerned Citizen

“I find it moderately charming that the Spider Man daily has ‘downscoped’ from portraying world-conquering supervillains to portraying the day-to-day tribulations of the profoundly socially dysfunctional ones who can barely function as adults and take direction from their appliances.” –Gattamelata

“I am almost violently disturbed by Gina’s hair.” –Poteet

“It’s amazing how all Gina’s taunting has done is induce an episode of self-loathing. Is Tommie really incapable of pointing out that Gina’s being really rude? Is there a barter system I’m unaware of, whereby you can trade favors for insults?” –Donald The Anarchist

“Mark Trail’s Jack Lord/Hawaii 5-0 hair makes sense when you consider the fact that he is an outdoorsman and thus rarely has access to a shower. Dippity-Doo is to the well-groomed outdoorsman as perfume is to the French. All he has to do every night is pick out the pine needles and squirrel poop and throw a hairnet over it.” –Blissful Ignoramus

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