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The people have spoken! The people want a piece of Comics Curmudgeon gear affiliated with Celeste Black’s deranged drunken antics! And, thanks to faithful reader and artiste Genetic Mishap, they will not be dissapointed! Feast your eyes:

If you’d like to purchase a fine product emblazoned with Genetic Mishap’s logo, now’s your chance! And if you’d like this logo on something not for sale already, just let me know in the comments what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I can’t whip one up.

Also! Apropos of nothing, but I keep forgetting to mention it: occasionally somebody posts something in the comments section that is quite long and I can’t really feature it in the COTW or runners up. (The recent post that got me thinking is this excellent one from Dingo.) Just wanted to tell those of you who don’t know that there is a section of the Comics Curmudgeon forum dedicated to longer reader-written stuff. Things posted there stick around longer and can stand out a bit. Nothing stopping you from putting it both places, of course, but you may wish to post such things in the forum for posterity.