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Hey all! I am running a bit behind on this weekend’s comics — probably won’t get to them until tonight — but here are your Comments of the Week to tide you over. First, the top choice:

“Ella is like the Main Street buildings at Disneyland, all cute and gingerbready and three-quarter scale.” –AppleGirl

And! Runners up!

“The creepiest thing about the 12/9 Family Circus is that the kids are in this cavernous white-walled room that is empty save for an ugly couch and one picture on the wall. Apparently the Keane family is living in my college apartment.” –NJP

“If only there were one solitary gay man in the Charterstone complex to Garanimal-tag Ian’s clothing so that he would know which shirt and jacket went with which pair of slacks. We’ve all wondered how he landed Toeby. Must’ve run over her seeing-eye dog.” –Dingo

“I’d really hate to think what Al Scaduto’s children are named.” –UnkleSam

“If Blondie ever Flapped in the ’20s, there would have been physics involved. Ugly, graduate school physics.” –Craig Shergold

“The coolest thing about that news story is that Tinsley is first described with the adjective ‘Hoosier.’ WTF? You midwesterners keep it real.” –Rusty

“I call bullsh**t on Luann! If I’m a real postman and a dog strolls up and starts up a trite conversation about Santa Claus, ol’ Puddles is getting a ‘special delivery’ of industrial mace by the third panel.” –Captain Blimey

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d freak the hell out if I came into my boss’s office and he was feverishly nailing a board. Look at the look on the poor old man’s face. It’s like his eyes are screaming.” –RoboMax: Agent of C.U.R.M.U.D.G.E.O.N

“I don’t like how smug Mark Trail looks in that last panel. It’s like he thinks he’s the king of Lost Forest or something, just for saving a beaver from death. What, Trail, you’re all modest and whatnot after punching out some guy but saving a beaver makes you all high and mighty? You sicken me.” –Mike P

“I must be getting soft or something, because I find Totally Got Laid Margo sweet, in a way. I’m sure it will all end in tears, but I am enjoying her totally over the top HOORAY LOVE high. It’s like she read a book about how to express joy over finding a partner you like a lot, and is following it to the letter.” –Sjofn

“I guess Denton prefers having the president punch him than the awful alternative: the Phantom hiding behind a horse.” –reader-who-posts

“Actually, I think Mark Trail is going to involve a lot of beavers, and Mark will go about punching all sorts of beaver. That is obviously not innuendo, as Mark Trail is repulsed by sex.” –dan b

“Yeah, and you gotta love that ‘sanctity of Charterstone life’ b.s. Those folks are a long, long way from fetuses.” –Uncle Lumpy

“Dennis: Saddle Shoes. Joey: Chuck Taylors. ¿Que es mas menacing?” –rafael

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