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Due to my crazy schedule I probably won’t be doing the Sunday comics till Monday sometime (and what happened to the Houston Chronicle? Now I have to read them on paper like a chump!) but I didn’t want to deny you all your Monday morning comment of the week satisfaction! Let’s start off with this week’s winner:

“Whoever draws Mary Worth is obviously woefully unfamiliar with drawing non-whites OR non-olds. I can’t tell if the bellboy is Asian or Vincent Price.” –Rhekarid

There were an unusually large amount of runners up, but that’s what happens when you have such a bevy of funny folks making comments:

“Yar, mateys, we set sail at dawn for the Main. We shall fire a broadside into the fort and take the town. Avast, and ye shall be swimming in old women’s purses ere dusk! Wheat pennies! Heart medication! Striped candy! ‘Twill buy many a wench in Tortuga! Ar!” –IdolsofMud

“I contend that B.C.’s repetition of the boomerang joke, thus ‘bringing it back around’ is exactly the sort of multi-tiered meta-comic that forces the viewer to readjust his perceptions of — wait a second, is that a rock with a pedal on it being pushed by a caveman?! Man, screw that guy.” –Plumberduck

“Peace Village is Mary Worth’s Mtigwaki. It’s a place where white people go to feel noble helping darker-skinned folk, but once there they just obsess over their sad failed romantic lives.” –yellojkt

“Of course Max takes every opportunity to grab some willing and quite literal tail. He’s a bite-sized rodent sidekicking an always-hungry carnivore. Life is short. And if this strip is a fair indicator of his uselessness, it’s gonna get even shorter.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Melody is Max’s sister. If he hasn’t figured out yet how city streets are numbered, he sure isn’t going to able to figure out how to get into a tiny mouse vagina.” –King Folderol

“I’ll just say this once: You know what Marvin fills his diaper with? Other Marvin strips. That’s what Marvin fills his diaper with.” –Marion Delgado

“The reason Miss Buxley has never exposed her irises like that before is because they basically appear to be giant bay windows overlooking the barren wasteland of her terrified soul.” –PD

“Jesse stole Liz’s harmonica because he wanted something to remember her by. And because the elders won’t let them take scalps anymore.” –cheech wizard

“Is ‘snow fly’ some kind of slang term for a desert made with chocolate chip cookies? Because that’s the only way I could see this being a joke. Otherwise it’s more a series of mundane events.” –Christopher

“When I saw (DT)GT, I was horror-struck by that freak in the last panel — and as a regular reader, I’ve seen plenty of questionable characters. It’s like the head of a sixty-year-old man pasted to the smaller body of a different sixty-year-old.” –gh

“Dinkle is just another broken hero for Batiuk to drag through the funky streets of the Tragic Kingdom; just another meat piñata in this Carnival of Souls, just another Cupie Doll hanging on a rusty hook in Satan’s ringtoss on the 24-hour boardwalk that rims the ninth circle of Hell.” –SmartPeopleOnIce

“A few days ago in Pearls Before Swine, they complained that there was no food on the plates because Pastis couldn’t draw food. By that logic, Mary Worth should not have gone to Vietnam and Gil Thorp should not contain people.” –Deanbooth

“Every time I see the word ‘plugger,’ I just think of the age-old question: ‘You pluggin’, or ruggin’?’ (i.e., ‘Are you using a tampon or a sanitary pad during your period?’) I assume all Pluggers are pluggin’, regardless of sex or age.” –Harold

“Why is Beetle walking around with his towel around his neck, lettin’ it all hang out? That’s all well and good at the local bathhouse, but it’s really not the way I would imagine the military. Actually, I take that back — that’s exactly how I imagine the military.” –Alex Blase

“You know you’re a plugger if you’re a horrible man-beast, as if a part of some horrible scientific experiment gone completely awry! Also if you don’t care for computers.” –Raznor

“I like to think Tommie will spend her time alone engaging in a long, luxurious and ultimately unsatisfying weekend of masturbation.” –Tracer Bullet

“Pluggers keeps smiling even though their arteries are choked with gristle and their heart rate is about 475 beats per minute and the plant is about to close because robots are smarter than they are.” –Trotzenbonnie

Marmaduke: The funny thing I saw was how the guy on the left is bent over in that ‘Oh God, here we go again’ sort of way, and then while remembering all the times he’s been forcibly sodomized by Marmaduke regrets not having thought of the poodle angle before now.” –Sunny Mel Blatherscythe

“It took Josh this long to become bored with Mark Trail? The strip that set the world land speed record for boring?” –Derelict

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