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Slylock Fox, 2/19/07

Man, when I’m standing at the Pearly Gates, and I sneak a look at that big book St. Peter’s got in front of him and discover that, in addition to a tabulation of all the good and bad deeds of each and every human being who has ever lived, it also includes a list of the greatest Slylock Foxes ever, I expect this one to be pretty close to the top. So many awesome things: Buford Bull’s ludicrously top-heavy construction; the dainty little towel, covering his mighty bull genitals; Max Mouse’s unseemly fascination with the toy submarine; Rachel Rabbit, covering her eyes and turning her head lest she see something naughty, but sneaking a peek anyway; the phrase “snatch the sack” — all divine.

By the way, I can think of a third bit of damning evidence against the carrot-thievin’ bovine: the tub is way too small for him to cram himself into it, water and bath toys or no. It’s probably not even his house. I do have to say that I’m charmed by a thief who, with what passes for the local law in hot pursuit, thinks, “Crap, I need a good alibi … I know! I’ll draw a bath!”

Beetle Bailey, 2/19/07

Well, since the only way you can come last is if the list is a convoluted combinations of first names and nicknames, I’d say your guess is pretty much correct.