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Getting a late start on the week due to Presidents Day and such … Sunday/Monday comics coming later today, but comments of the week come first! Here’s your weekly number one:

“This is why it’s important to listen to psychics. Otherwise, third-world children may live past the age of 8.” –t.a.m.s.y.

And other notables:

“I’m a little freaked out that they’re referring to an actual television show, and one that isn’t at least a decade old. I guess I always assumed RMMD took place in some other era, what with the fashions and the hairstyles and the total lack of anything resembling reality as I or anyone else on this planet has ever experienced it.” –Trilobite

“‘How does it feel? Tight, Man!’ When you’re talking to someone as cool as Weed, that Mod Squad lingo just flows right off the tongue.” –MossMoses

“‘And in the meantime, I’ve got bills to pay, get my freelance done…’ Mike. Kid. ‘I’ve got to pay bills,’ is what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to coordinate those motherfucking conjunctions, is what else.” –Josh Millard

“Maybe Weed is just summoning a seldom-seen character named ‘Party.’ After all, he’s named ‘Weed.’ Man, I hope this gets more Brechtian.” –Kevin

“The only one I can see not attending this cheap-ass frat-boy rave is everybody’s favorite Stepford fem-bot trophy wife, Deanna. She’ll be THRILLED to spend another evening watching over her brood of chattering rug-monkeys! She doesn’t hate God, so no contact with adult humans for her!!” –dreadedcandiru2

“I mean, Weed is a photographer, no? When he says the contract looks pretty good to him is he commenting on the font that was used?” –stinky pete

“Wait a minute … her name is ‘Cherry Trail’? That’s the greatest porno name on the comics page ever, with the possible exception of ‘Blondie Bumstead.'” –texlebeauf

“Why does Margo get to be spared the details of Tommie’s weekend? We were forced to watch every excrutiating detail.” –reader-who-posts

“Someone with better Spanish skills than me must have pointed out during Mary Worth’s decades of prissy terror that ‘Santa Royale’ is the lowest, lamest, whitest fake name a soulless suburban developer ever invented. Saint Royal? It’s less gauche than naming your town Olde Moneysackton.” –Decker

“The more I look on the [Snuffy Smith] strip, the more I wish I could be the kind of person who thinks the mysteries of the opposite gender are solved through a book on planets. Because honestly, my life would seem so wonderous and eventful if I were that dumb.” –Virginia

“It took Mary Worth about two days to go from ‘I’m going to Vietnam’ until she was browbeating the staff at her hotel. She’s up to a week and a half at slowly crushing Jeff’s spirit. By the first of March, she’ll have Jeff personally putting Agent Orange into the orphans’ kool-aid.” –monkey.dave

“‘These children don’t need a doctor, Jeff; what they need is a bake sale! Also, while you were away, I killed a man.'” –The Photocopiest

“I got news for you, Grifter: pull your con on someone who doesn’t live in his father-in-law’s house on a nature preserve. The guy writes fish stories for a living and only owns one set of clothes. How much coin are you going to score here?” –hogenmogen

A3G: Ghosts. Orchids. Two subjects that ordinarily I find mildly interesting, but this strip is killing them for me. Please, A3G, don’t take up sex.” –Poteet

Slylock Fox is going to get so much irate mail for this strip, protesting that, say, trolls aren’t fairies, and I’m going to be sad, because I won’t get to read any of it.” –notapipe

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