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Those of you who read Wonkette have probably already figured out the secret engagement I hinted at the other day. Yes, I am the BLOGGER OF THE YEAR! Um, as selected by The Week magazine‘s Opinion Awards. (Sadly, if you click on the “Opinion Awards” link on that page, you’ll be taken to last year’s winners, which are entirely me free.) Technically, since they’re all political and stuff over there, it’s mostly from my political cartoon stuff at Wonkette, but we all know that my work on Mary Worth is second to none in the blogosphere.

Look, here I am giving a half-assed acceptance speech!

(Photo thanks to Liz Gorman, Girl Reporter.)

Alex Pareene, Wonkette’s main editor, was also there, and wrote a very funny write-up of the event. I found the whole thing very surreal, as I don’t go to these things very often, by which I mean ever. But the booze and the food, paid for by Chevron and Philip Morris (I’m sorry, the “Altria Group”) were great. The only thing I have to add to Alex’s take is that Chip Bok (who won the best cartoonist award) and his wife are awesomely nice people who rescued me when I was sitting all lonely by myself at the pre-banquet cocktail hour, and Tom Toles, who I didn’t get to talk to quite as much, is very charming too. In fact, all cartoonists that I have had any contact with are uniformly great. So this award’s for you, guys! Except in the sense that it’s actually for me.