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OK, so our dread sovereign, the Galactic Overlord Chennux, has been holding the King Features comics on the Chron hostage all day, so Tuesday’s comics will have to wait until tomorrow, because I have to jet out shortly for a SECRET ENGAGEMENT that I will be authorized to tell you about at a later date. But here’s a few items to tide you over:

First, MARGO! BOXCAR! SATURN shirts and mugs are here, courtesy of faithful reader and all around awesome dude willethompson!

As an experiment, we’re selling these shirts not through CafePress, but through … well, through willethompson himself. The quality should be higher, but we will need a minimum order to get things rolling; if we don’t get 24 pre-orders by April 1, we’ll just go the CafePress route. So, put your money where your mouth is, people! Head over to wille’s site for the details.

Second! You all remember the glory and pageantry that was the Finger Quotin’ Margo lookalike contest! Ever since, I’ve wondered, “What image in the comics is so iconic, so awesome, that people will be willing to humiliate themselves publicly to reproduce it?” Last week, I found the answer:

That’s right — it’s the Self-Clubbing Tyler lookalike contest! e-mail me a picture of you or a unsuspecting friend attempting to reproduce this glorious panel and YOU could end up featured on a classy mug or other item to be determined later! Now, I’m not saying that you’ll get extra bonus points for actually drawing blood or popping your shoulder out of its socket, but strict realism is encouraged.

And thirdly! One of my many minions recently met a nice fan of this site who draws his own comic, The Jackass and the Jew. The author is the Jew (except he isn’t, really) and the Jackass is his coworker, and … well, just read it, really, it’s funny.