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Yes, it’s Sunday evening, and you know what that means: Comments of the week! Let’s start with one that I found particularly giggle-worthy:

[Re: Mary Worth]: “Wouldn’t armchair activism be too arduous? How about just raising money for armchair activism?” –MossMoses

And the almost-as-hilariouses:

“Now, see, Dan’s up to something. I know this, because earlier he said, ‘I’m up to something,’ or something like that. I forget the exact line.” –Bunnë

Mary Worth came in dead last in the Post-Gazette readers’ poll? Wow, that makes you think, huh! Specifically, what it makes you think is that the Post-Gazette must not run Cathy.” –Fred P.

“Neddy’s beret morphs around on her head like Curtis’ backwards baseball cap. One minute it looks like a beret, the next like something Sam Jackson wears at awards shows to be cool, the next she’s like some little drugged-out Keebler elf.” –bootsybooks

“Oh, TJ. Your eyes say ‘marijuana,’ but your violence against drywall says ‘three-day coke binge with more Red Bull than regrets.'” –Lettuce

“In the few months that I have been reading Slylock Fox regularly, I come across at least one pattern so far. Cats = bad. Cat whores = devious and bad.” –Forthillrox

Spider-Man’s final panel may be the introduction of the strip’s next storyline, ‘The Rise of the Channel Surfer,’ in which Spidey must do battle with a super-villainess who instinctively knows what is showing on every channel at all times. The battle will be intense because, after all, Spider-Man DOESN’T know what is on every channel at all times! Who will prevail? (SPOILER ALERT: Spider-Man will prevail, probably accidentally.)” –Wonkey the Monkey

“In the final panel of today’s strip, we can see the learned survival instincts of the Margo-dating male; having enraged the female with shocking news that serves only to annoy the Margo, he takes to feigning death in hopes that the predatory Margo will find him unappetizing. Notice how the Margo, curious, uncertain, and a bit agitated, pokes and prods the now-motionless male, hoping to provoke a sign of life; all the while, the male wobbles in place like a dime-store mannequin.” –spoonman

“This Spider-Man strip has filled me with suspense and anticipation! Okay, I’m over it now.” –Dave V.

“That can’t be a plugger bathroom. The lid on the seat is down.” –Trotzenbonnie

“When I think ‘plugger,’ ‘toilet,’ and ‘plumbing,’ I also think ‘plunger.’ Extremely unwillingly.” –Poteet

“I kinda like April’s ‘coat’. Which is quite clearly nothing of the sort.” –Christopher

“Given Mr. Wilson’s raised fist, I can’t help but wonder if every Dennis the Menace strip is followed by director’s cut style child abuse. Maybe that’s why he gets progressively less menacing.” –zqfmgb

“The more of [Mary Worth] I read, the more I’m becoming convinced that the entire strip is a monologue by Mary’s ego. If anyone else happens to speak, the sound of her own awesomeness usually drowns them out.” –Jen

“I’m pretty sure Jeremy hasn’t purchased a CD in three years. And he probably copied all his old CDs to his computer or iPod and sold them to buy Sara something stupid, because boys in love are complete retards with bad tastes in music, so expect his Good Charlotte collection to go towards that gaudy butterfly pin Sara’s tolerating on her sweater even as we speak.” –Plinko Commie

And, if it’s Sunday, it’s thank-the-sponsors time:

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