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Hey kids! I’ve frequently gotten requests to link the comments of the week to the strip they refer to, so as to provide a richer context for their snark. I’ve done so this week, at least for those that referred to strips I have on my site, and hope to do so in the future, providing it doesn’t turn into an enormous pain in the ass. Anyway, here’s this week’s to comment:

“‘Curious Conclusions’ sounds like the kind of board game Mary Worth would play on a Saturday night with a few friends, a mug of cocoa, and some good old-fashioned apple crumble. The loser, of course, would be immolated.” –Tats

And the hilarious runners-up:

“Dear Amazing Spider-Man ghost-writer and artist: You know what would make it a lot easier for me to believe that the setting is ‘night — in the shadow of the Los Angeles Coliseum’? If it were actually night-time in the picture. Or if the Coliseum cast a shadow, for that matter.” –GG

“Amazing how Liz manages to regress at an alarming rate, while simultaneously Ellie-aging in her appearance. By September, she’ll look to all the world like a 120-year-old wrinkled, bed-ridden crone, but she’ll really be, in fact, a fetus verging on embryo status. And then the abortion and euthanasia debates will really intersect!” –Mibbitmaker

“The level of detail in Slylock Fox is both astonishing and completely pointless. If the purpose of comic art is to tell a story, the story here is one of ritalin. Not enough ritalin.” –Proteus

“I love Ted bluing out in that panel. It’s like Ted is Patrick Swayze, and he’s finally walking into the light as Sally Forth, tears in her eyes, whispers ‘Ditto,’ and then drops her eyes back down into that half-lidded smirk I hate so goddamn much.” –jake!

“Note the frisson between Max Mouse and Tiffany Fox, their eyes locked in mutual fascination. (‘How does one go down a one-way street without breaking the law?’ Max asks suggestively, his meaning barely coded.)” –Old Bean

“I can’t wait until the end of this thrilling ‘bird-strike’ plot line when Mark punches out a 767.” –reader-who-posts

“Mary Worth has been at basically the same pace as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, she talked to a guy by the pool for two years.” –Yitzchok

Margo didn’t try. There, I said it.” –Montag

“And in the department of unreasonable expectations, my leg is bigger than Cherry’s waist. She must have sold her internal organs on the black market.” –fizzy logic

“You can tell their love is unpure and evil since the little hearts above their heads are black. Which kind of goes without saying since this is Marvin, which itself is little more than a montage of the unholy and repugnant.” –Potato

“I was just looking at Jughead, and thinking about how I always think he’s going to grow up to be Dagwood. Then I thought how maybe he’s going to grow up to be the Joker. Either way, these are the best years of his life.” –Phil

“Honestly, how many people did ‘Snuffy’ Smith have to kill to earn that name?” –Harold

“That’s some smooth pillow talk [Darrin]’s got there. Apart from the fact that it’s so indirect it takes a flow chart to figure out what he means, I like the way it manages to work fraudulent medical research, obesity and heart disease into the act of telling someone she’s hot.” –Albtraum

“After reading the 4/26 Apartment 3-G, I realized I loved Margo. I love her for doing all that my id desires and all that my superego thwarts. She’s a finger-quoting, Tommie-bashing, and probably embezzling marvel, since these balloon and streamer galas suggests some money is being pocketed somewhere.” –MsChicken

“I wish the Dennis the Menace artist would put as much time into Dennis’ poor hands (typically rendered as flippers) as he does into Mr. Wilson’s ear. It’s like, of course Dennis is menacing, he’s fuckin’ part dolphin.” –RaJ

FW: ‘Now why wouldn’t I think you’re sexy, when you look exactly like me but with long hair?’” –Squawk

“Is it possible for someone with facial hair in Mark Trail to NOT make everything sound sinister? Replacing an old, obsolete building with a new one is pretty sensible, but it reads like they’re going to toss newborn babies into jet engines.” –Citric

“400 years / 20 Phantoms = 20-year crime-fighting careers. What do the old Phantoms do during their 30-year retirement? Design pants, perhaps?” –Dean Booth

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