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It’s Sunday night, and I’m probably not going to get to Sunday’s strips until Monday morning, but I did want to get the comments of the week up before I went to bed. The other day I was giggling aloud while reading some of your comments and my wife said, “Do you think commentors know how much you like to read them?” I said that I hope that they did, but it never hurts to say it again, so: I really love reading your comments! And here are the ones I liked the best this week. First, our top comment!

“With regard to your snark about Dennis the Menace’s outfits, I am surprised you didn’t mention Mark Trail, who never, ever changes out of that disgusting 100% polyester UPS delivery uniform. I can smell him from here.” –Scuppers

And our runners-up:

“More ludicrous and unbelievable than the idea that the ghost of Albert Pinkham Ryder exists and would waste his time on Lu Ann is the idea that any man in this comic could be recognized by someone on the street. They all look exactly alike, for god’s sake! Police sketch artists must have it pretty easy there: ‘Did he have a mustache, or glasses? Was he wearing a scarf, or a tie? Okay, here’s the picture.'” –Trilobite

“Also, if we are still voting for crossover possibilities, I’d like Vera to head to Mark Trail’s neck of the woods and show Cherry how to form a worried facial expression. And Cherry can show Vera how to unfurrow her brow and stare straight ahead. And they can paint each other’s toenails. And maybe make out.” –AndreaD

“I’m calling them nerds, but not like, cool comic snarking nerds, but the TDIET definition of nerds. I know a future installment of TDIET will have the phrase ‘those nerds’ completely out of context, and just the thought of it makes my skin crawl.” –Lizardmess

“Crime and deception never pay in the Lost Forest. The trees have eyes, the ducks have ears, the FISH KNOW SECRETS!” –blase

“Or perhaps he’s just trying to gently say, ‘Damn it, Mary, just leave one person in this place alone for 15 minutes…’ Sorry, Professor. This is hell, Mary is the devil, and no one is spared her brimstone-encrusted casserole of meddling.” –Trent

A3G: The more I see Blaze, the more he looks like a befuddled German tourist taking a guided tour of the Alamo.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Does anybody know what Blaze does, other than hang around the city in that cowboy hat? And how does anybody except a stripper end up with the name ‘Blaze’ anyhow? Hmmm…maybe I just answered my own question.” –AirForbes

“Let this be a lesson to you, kids — when going to your dead friend’s home to confront his widow over the fact you think he faked his death for the insurance money, wear a tie.” –reader-who-posts

“Today’s art lesson: how to draw a woman in Gil Thorp. 1) Draw a man. 2) Add earrings.” –Dingo

“The phrase ‘Gil thins the herd’ should only appear above a panel overlaid with crosshairs indicating a high-powered rifle scope.” –Steve S

“I love how Michael thinks this real estate double switch is a fabulous idea, while Mom, Dad, and Deanna all look as if he just suggested they all watch a porn video.” –Weasel Boy

“It looks like the secret message of Pluggers is that the Ted Kennedy bird from Shoe is in fact a cross-dresser. From hell’s heart MacNelly stabs at thee, Kennedy!” –jake!

“When the punching starts in MT, and there will be punching, will we be able to tell if Mark’s wearing his stalker diaper by the outline of his pants or the look of discomfort on his face?” –Barking Spider Brewery

Dick Tracy: Nice job, Queenie, you just pulled a gun on the cop with the highest perp casualty rate in human history. Here’s your rights: ‘You have the right to remain silent; anything you say will never matter because you will be dead. You have the right to a funeral; upon the slight possibility you do survive, you have the right to a bed in the wing of the County hospital reserved for the ironically maimed.'” –Sunny Mel Blatherscythe

“Also, no matter what the context, no matter if he’s speaking to himself or to a librarian, no matter if he’s in Lost Forest or Miami, in a car or on a fishing boat, Mark Trail’s sentences will end with exclamation points because he is ever so excited and everything he says is exciting! ‘I hope my tie is on straight!’ ‘This bread truck pulls to the right!’ ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the pate!’ ‘I don’t remember seeing that growth before!’ ‘You took the proceeds of a policy of a friend of mine!’ ‘That’s what I believe!’ ‘I’m not the father!'”–PeteMoss

“Note how the focal point of Katy’s birthday party appears to be a long table crowded with cakes and birthday hats and bowls and cups and other sorts of hats, perhaps straw hats (or is that a cake, too?). The long table is PUSHED UP AGAINST A WALL WITH CHAIRS LINING ONLY ONE SIDE. That sounds like birthday FUN! ‘Let’s all line up on one side of this table and stare at the wall and eat cake and wear hats.’ It’s like a damn Beckett play.” –Gaberiel M

“[April]’s got a good point, I think, but of course she’s 16 and spoiled and can only make good points in a shrill, unreasonable manner.” –The Avocado Avenger

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