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Apartment 3-G, 4/14/07

Many commentors and I are now all pretty much obsessed with comics characters birth order. I think it’s actually been established that Margo is an only child, and her rampant narcissism only serves as confirmation. (Similarly, Lu Ann the easily influenced eternal eight-year-old is clearly a youngest child, and introverted, conflict-averse Tommie a middle.) Margo probably doesn’t have much of a handle on sibling dynamics as a result, so let me offer her a warning: Eric’s sister is someone you want to get on your side, not someone you should be sizing up to figure out the best time to punch her in the throat, which is what you seem to be doing in the third panel.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 4/14/07

June’s look of despair in the third panel tells us that she knows exactly how little Dr. Morgan can be counted on to help anyone do anything. She’s dreading telling this chauffeur-cum-corporate intriguer that Rex is likely to be distracted on the way to the airport by some debonaire gentleman with greying temples and an avuncular manner. Or something shiny.

Dick Tracy, 4/14/07

Say what you will about Dick Tracy, but you have to admit that doesn’t shy away from action sequences that are (a) hyperviolent and (b) as demented as everything else in the strip, as this strip in which Dick engages in some kind of karate fight with a catsuited woman with the face of a playing card illustrates. Also, it has some of the best sound effects in the business. Surely SQLUD will go down in the history of great onomatopoeia with QWINK and QLUNQ.