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No time to waste! Here’s this week’s top comment!

“I don’t get Gil Thorp in my daily paper (I don’t get it in a broader sense either), but I love the idea of this deranged coot with his clothes on inside out and backwards popping out of nowhere to offer vaguely obscene batting advice.” –Motorposus

It was awful tricky to pick just one comment this week: as you can see, I had an embarrassment of riches to work with:

“Just out of curiosity, how many weeks has it been since Deanna has actually had a line? Mr. Buns is a more well-rounded character with a much larger impact on the storyline than St. Mike’s baby-machine. There are guys in the Taliban with more demonstrative wives.” –Mr. Coffee Nerves

“Nothing, oh nothing makes Margo happy, does it? She’s running on cocaine, caffeine, and pure unadulterated paranoia and jealousy.” –calico

“Rex has to ‘stall Hugh.’ I’m sure he’ll find a way. Maybe involving an actual stall. (It’s clear that was a ‘butt sex in a men’s bathroom’ joke, right? Right? Okay.)” –Laura

“To be fair to Mark, in his everyday experience he probably recognizes and distinguishes animals of the same species by subtle but distinct markings that are generally fixed. A coloration pattern on a deer probably will not change completely in a short period of time. Indeed, in his experience most people don’t even change their clothing. I’m just surprised he’s not conducting his observations from some sort of mobile duck blind.” –Harold

“I am on the edge of my seat!!! Will Abbey and Neddy escape their assailants?! Who is the mystery man approaching??? Oh, wow, I guess I could sit back a little. Yeah, that’s more comfortable.” –Maughta

“Maybe I should start reading Gil Thorp so I can know what everyone is talking about. Of course, it used to be, ‘Maybe I should start reading Mark Trail so I can know what everyone is talking about.’ And before that, Mary Worth. It’s a slippery slope.” –Lizardmess

“I look forward to hearing more home-spun, medication-induced, clambaked wisdom from this confused, elfin stereotype.” –PeteMoss

“Yep, now we’ve progressed from incest to murder. I think I’ll refrain from asking ‘What’s next?’, seeing that this is where we ended up after the rounds of plaintive querying following Band Leader 2: The Deafening, or Chemo 9: This Used to be My Playground, or … you get the picture.” –SecretMargo

(DT)GT will now gives us all a history lesson steeped in lessons Jackie Robinson taught us. Well, in the first panel anyway. The second will have some boygirl swinging at a pitch and the final panel will have Coach Thorp talking about the golf team.” –Jim Thorp(e)

“Sam’s reaction makes perfect sense assuming he’s learned anything at all about Margo in his time on the job. Margo MARRIED? Margo IN LOVE? Margo SMILING CUTELY? Margo WITHOUT CAKED BLOOD UNDER ANY FINGERNAILS? It boggles the throwaway assistant’s mind!” –T Campbell

“So Michael will be able to spend his nights in the same bed in which many years ago he was created. Therapy begins in 3..2..1…” –man behind the curtain

“I’m afraid that Margo has been reading The Secret. By emoting positive thoughts regarding marriage, she believes that Eric will propose. Margo, Margo, Margo. You’ll be lucky if his check covering the party doesn’t bounce.” –Dingo

“Looking at the shape of Margo’s hand in panel 3 and the bobble lines surrounding it, I have come to the conclusion that she is threatening her assistant by a pantomime of waving a gun at him. ‘That’s right, married! Question me again and I will end you!'” –Spoony Bard

“Do you think that Margo’s pique over being mistaken for the help has anything to do with her refusal to address her assistant unless she is dismissively talking to him over her shoulder as she moves on to something worthy of her time?” –ugarte

“You know, we haven’t known Sam long but I’m pulling for him and Margo to hook up. Yep, I’m a Sargo Shipper. The look of terror and confusion is really just longing and sadness over the fact that as much as he loves her she doesn’t seem to notice him. He wants to express his love for her but he can’t find the words. But every time he shakes for no reason he means ‘I love you.’ It’s a crazy world but I think these two kids have a chance. Besides, I long to see what great event planning skills they’d bring to their wedding. Pinecone centerpieces? A large banner reading ‘Margo Loves Married?'” –Missy

“Dan’s major mistake? It’s foolishly adding more hair to hide himself from Mark. Anyone who knows Mark Trail knows that facial hair will bring his suspicion and punches faster than a beaver out of a trap. Dan would have been better off shaving himself from head to toe.” –evie oh oh

“Like all Canadians, Cedric isn’t nervous when he shoots someone. He’s just frightfully polite and self-effacingly apologetic about it.” –Trilobite

“I’m also pretty sure [Toni]’s screwing with him in a major way; if so, Toni has suddenly become the most awesomest character in the strip. From Toni Daytona: Unobtainable Fantasy Cipher to Toni Daytona: Heinous Sadistic Bitch: She Will Cut You, Tiffany.” –Captain Thunder

“This entry confirms what I’ve long suspected: TDIET is Seinfeld for rageaholics.” –Hobbes Fan

“Here’s the thing that disturbs me: People [Lu Ann] lives with day in and day out have been ignoring her this whole time, or intending to drop in on her but change their mind at the last minute due to shiny objects or in Margo’s case, horniness.” –True Fable

“‘… my thoughts are so tangled … lights are flashing before my eyes … floor is moving beneath my feet.’ Lu Ann, dear, I do believe you’re having yourself an orgasm. Congratulations! Just don’t tell Margo. Naturally, she’s under the impression that she’s the only person on the planet that’s experienced this thing. And she wouldn’t understand that it doesn’t usually involve blood and other people’s tears.” –lesles

“Today’s FBOFW is stupid. Yes, it’s always stupid, but today’s is stupid without any stupidity that pokes its head up above the horizon to have its hat shot off. There’s no stupidity prominence; it’s stupid to the flat, vast horizon. Like an Oklahoma of stupid.” –Kate

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