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Apartment 3-G, 5/28/07

Yes, Alan’s a humble fellow, and, based on his general uselessness in this strip to this point, he has every right to be. He certainly doesn’t see himself as some kind of miraculous or divine figure. But Lu Ann has been dying, or at least napping, for literally the entire month of May without respite or comic relief. If Alan, with his mystical powers of key-turning, stair-climbing, and 911-calling, manages to save our dizzy blonde, and, more importantly, shift Apartment 3-G’s narrative focus back to Margo or (and I can’t believe I’m typing this) maybe even Tommie, then I for one will be ready to accept him as my personal lord and savior.

The Phantom, 5/28/07

The Phantom’s Crazy Caucasian Chicanery is continuing unabated. In case you haven’t been reading (and really, who could blame you), Young Father Guy has for some reason gone on a little cruise on a boat owned by Pudgy White Haired Dude; YFG is going to be testifying against PWHD at some upcoming trial, and has done nothing but taunt him about the fact from the moment they entered international waters where nobody will be able to help him or find the body. YFG’s decision to shout “Be a man, you dope!” at a fellow holding him at gunpoint but wavering about killing him seems particularly baffling.

They’ll Do It Every Time, 5/28/07

Hey, kids! That “Anonymous” is none other than faithful reader Trotzenbonnie … and she’s got another entry in this feature coming up next week! Total Comics Curmudgeon domination of TDIET — OH YE-A-A-AH!