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Hi everybody! We managed to get back to Baltimore on our own power and in our own car — Hooray! A complete weekend report, including details of all the awesome people I met, is forthcoming, probably tomorrow, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging any longer on the already delayed COMMENTS OF THE WEEK! (Remembering of course that the comments from when I was away aren’t in the running, despite their hilariousness [and yes, I have been at least scanning them…]).

Here’s the A-number-one, king-of-the-hill comment:

“I can’t go to the Charterstone pool party. I’m busy trying to line up a place where I can have some face-to-face contact with prospective donors. How can I do that? Let me think… Hmmmm… How can I access a group of upper-middle-class adults with no kids and disposable incomes in an informal and congenial setting? Where do such places exist? Mary, will you stop bugging me about your goddamned pool party already?” –Hogen Mogen

And the pretty-darn-hilarious in their own right runners up:

“Blaze is unaware of the federal law that prevents anyone wearing a neckerchief from serving as someone’s legal guardian.” –Reid

“I just got another laugh out of Margo’s inappropriate scowl in the first panel. She probably doesn’t even know she’s doing it. Why so angry, Margo? ‘Angry? Shut up! I’m trying to look concerned. Someone woke me and now I’m in some sort of hospital and Lu Ann’s dead or whatever and I’m kind of horny and these people aren’t talking about me and GOD I’M BORED.'” –Old Bean

“Dilton’s thought bubble should read, ‘Why does everyone talk about me as though I weren’t here? Sweet Jesus, what I wouldn’t do for a little human interaction.'” –The Spectacular Spider-Brick

“If I’d had a chance to put money on which old strip would be the first to introduce a hot interspecies lesbian storyline in an effort to spark interest among our jaded youth, I would be a great deal poorer and damning Mark Trail even more vehemently than usual.” –Hawkwoman

“You gotta admire Peter Parker’s smooth pickup technique, though. The only thing sexier than a chest full of hair and gold chains to disco-era ladykind is an alarmist headline about left-wing terrorism. Puts the ‘baad’ in ‘Baader-Meinhoff.'” –arto

“The sight of someone thinking is apparently a fascinating rarity in Archie and Betty’s world.” –Prankster

“Please tell me Mark intends to dissect that thing on the tarmac. Headline: Local recluse found performing voodoo ritual at airport! Sought for questioning related to earlier plane/bird incident!” –Spoony Bard

“Katy grew back her hair in solidarity with her softball coach, who was recently diagnosed with not having cancer.” –t.a.m.s.y.

“Does anyone else hear Cherry Trail’s boldfaced ‘WE LOVE YOU’ as a dozen dozen voices of the damned chanting in unison? Just me? Okay, carry on.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

And of course, our sponsors, who will help pay for this damn impound fee and the booze that will help me forget the experience:

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