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Happy Sunday, all! Probably won’t get to the Sunday comics until Monday, but here’s this week’s COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“I vote we just call Anthony ‘The Asshole.’ Good luck removing THAT, Johnston.” –TB Tabby

And the runners-up, always funny:

“Mark and Sammy in a plane to fuck/ Pelted by Ubiqui-duck/ First comes stiffness/ But just trust us/ Soon you’ll see Mark’s fists of justice!” –Proteus

“I fully expect Mark to climb out onto a wing and deliver a RHO’J to the offending duck while shouting ‘You broke a friend of mine’s airplane windscreen!'” –AhClem

Reeky Rat is my new hero. He walks around in stained shirts, he cooks outside and leaves the bones lying around, he lets a chicken sleep on his roof and a snake lair in the dead tree outside his home, he uses paper towels as stationery, he doesn’t want overbreeding rabbits moving into his trailer park, he sneers because of his station in life, and, best of all, he lies to dickheaded vulpine detectives. What’s not to love?” –Squawk

“I never thought I’d say this but Granthony looks better to me with the pornstache. It hid the quiet desperation better.” –mumbles

MW: “There’s a life lesson here about forgiveness (and a fashion lesson about purple clothing avoidance).” –MossMoses

“Is anyone else made slightly uncomfortable by the liberal use of the term ‘personal moments?’ I’m not sure that’s how I would describe a wedding. It sounds more like a cross between ‘not so fresh feeling’ and a story you would send into Penthouse. ‘Shawna-Marie and Dawn and I always wondered who would be the first to lose their virginity. Little did we know there was a personal moment to be shared in our future…'” –evie oh oh

“This bag-twisting dog, sad to say/ Fell victim to plugger foul play/ His kangaroo wife/ Finally ended his life/ By twisting his neck the same way!” –Keg of Curd

The Queen finally came up in Momma’s Netflix queue. Way to stay current, Mel.” –yellojkt

“Why is Dilton breaking into Moose’s day with this entirely pointless bit of biological trivia? Is it his awkward way of flirting?” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Wow. This lack of ‘stache has completely changed the way I feel about Granthony. He’s a real Manthony now. Rrrrowr! C’mere, Tiger! You and your clean-shaven face just make me want to … bone that other guy who is still way better looking than you.” –zooby

MW: Vera got promoted before I did. I’m going to go shoot myself now.” –gkl

“Julia is A-OK with me. So what if she’s short? At least she isn’t sporting the roughly two miles of neck that Liz has in the final panel.” — Mack

“Hell yeah, I’m for Team Julia because she’s the mistress of subtle insult (panel 4): ‘Look Liz, I’ve had your Dad — IN MY MOUTH!'” –McManx

“Hugh should bear in mind that Heather is now technically both his mother and his nanny, and she would be entirely within her rights to take him over her knee. Then again, maybe that is exactly what he has in mind.” –The Spectacular Spider-Brick

“Oh geez, Angstony is in full thought balloon mode. SHE CAN’T HEAR YOU.” –True Fable

“Once again, FOOB moves with all the grace and subtlety of a Panzer divison.” –Islamorada Girl

Today’s Gil Thorp is a sterling example of why I love Gil Thorp to pieces. Taken on its own, it’s completely insane. Taken in context, it gets even worse.” –Barry

RMMD: Pulse-pounding unlikeable-people-arguing-with-each-other action!” –commodorejohn

This TDIET could be the start of a sister strip called They’ll Do Time.” –Rosette

“Tommie’s gesture in panel three is nothing short of awesome. It seems to say ‘No! I simply cannot speak to you right now. I have spent all day squeezing out this tiny, moist, sign of compassion … and you WILL look at it now. Look at the tear, bitch!’ It’s like the ‘talk to the hand gesture,’ but with the self-absorption dial turned up to 11.” –roscoe

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