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To everyone who is experiencing technical difficulties on the site: it’s not you, it’s me. The server is kind of overloaded. Between you and me, the server has been overloaded for some time, because my traffic growth has outpaced it. Now the chickens have come home to roost, and it looks like an upgrade is in order — ’twill be more expensive, but should be more reliable. I will keep you posted, and sorry in the meantime. One specific thing that seems to be happening is that the site appears to time out when you post a comment, even if the comment really goes through; please check to see if it has gone through before you repost, as all the reloading and reposting and such isn’t helping matters.

In happier news, today is the third anniversary of the launch of this site! On July 11, 2004, I did something that I’d almost never do again, which is make fun of Non-Sequitur. When I started this blog, mostly for the amusement of myself and my family and friends, I had no idea that it would be come a widely-read site that would make me pretend Internet famous, forge community links among comics lovers, and crush server after server as it grew more popular. I would never have kept on with it if I didn’t know that you all enjoyed it (and enjoyed yourselves chatting on the site), so here’s to all of you! And thanks to faithful reader Mooncity, who reminded me of the date with this very nice cartoon.

UPDATE: OK, I think maybe I have fixed the commenting problems? Maybe? Lemme know if you are still encountering them. FIRST POSTs are still lame, though.