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Apropos of nothing except that you all are the only ones who will appreciate this: my poor wife has been stricken with laryngitis all weekend, and so her means of communicating with me have been limited to writing things down in her little notebook, making faces, and (my personal favorite) clapping imperiously if I’m in the other room. Anyway, one of the things she wrote in her notebook this weekend was “It’s like I’m Grandpa Jim and you’re Iris!” How very bittersweet that truth is.

And speaking of funny comments … it’s this week’s COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“I bet Anthony has lips like the bologna in the cooler at the 7-11: limp, the wrong temperature, and with a green patina you can see in a certain light.” –Squid Countess

And the close runners up (a very strong week this week, I must say):

“If it were anyone but Vera, I would say she was aiming to hook up with a doctor so as to have the best chance of knocking off her brother and making it look like an accident. But it is Vera, so she probably thinks that if their thought balloons touch, that’s what sex is.” –sinig

“I can understand Jug’s motivation in eating horse feed. With all the hamburgers he scarfs, he needs some serious roughage if he’s going to have a hope of avoiding colon cancer.” –Bitter Scribe

FBOFW is like a white R. Kelly song: awkwardly worded with their creepy idea of sexual tension.” –Lizardmess

“Sam: ‘I can’t imagine anyone releasing birds near the airport on purpose. It just doesn’t make sense!’ Mark: ‘You wouldn’t believe the things people are capable of, Sam. The things I’ve seen … it would shake your faith in humanity. And physics. Why, one time a man I thought I knew screwed an eyehook into a boat. (Sigh.) Sometimes, Sam, I think the world is so full of facial hair there’s no hope for humanity. Or Rusty.'” –lesles

“Well, if the birth rate doesn’t plummet precipitously in nine months, it’ll be irrefutable proof that sexual orientation is innate and invincible — if that final panel wouldn’t put you off heterosexuality for good, nothing would.” –SecretMargo

“There must be something in the pool at Charterstone that, unlike in the film Cocoon, prematurely ages everyone who hangs around. No wonder the older yet somehow still virile Dr. Cory hates to come near the place. Three years from now, Dawn will graduate from college sporting Mary-style gray hair, eyeglasses on a chain around her neck, and a degree in mah-jong.” –TedSez

“I wonder what Local University‘s mascot is. Probably a vague shape. Or maybe a Fightin’ Vague Shape.” –gkl

“Apparently the artist of A3G heard that most cab drivers in NYC are immigrants, so he dressed the cab driver like the only immigrant he’s ever come in contact with: Balki Bartokomous.” –mokin

“I wonder if Junior’s Rock Concert is taking place at Dawn’s Local University. I bet that Musical Group is performing hits from its Popular Album. For my money, it doesn’t get any better than when they sing That One Song.” –zooby

“Did Professor Papagoras spend some time being brainwashed in a Soviet secret prison? It’s pretty obvious to me — judging from his change in mood from jovial to crazy-eyed in a single panel — that this ‘Ruby’ character is a communist secret agent sent to activate the Prof’s repressed assassin training, keyed by the word ‘sugar.’ I guess Vladimir Putin has decided that the best way to undermine American society is to assassinate America’s sweetheart, Margo Magee.” –Darkefang

“What I’m hoping is that Mark and Sam will arrive to investigate at the same time that Buzzard is releasing his second group of birds, and that they’ll immediately fly right into Sam’s brand new eyes. Do you hear me, Mark Trail? I will give you money if you make this happen.” –Rhekarid

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