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They’ll Do It Every Time, 8/4/07

It’s become increasingly clear that the “they” in They’ll Do It Every Time are Comics Curmudgeon readers, and what they’ll “do” is submit their own entries to this venerable feature and have them illustrated. “Paul Black” may not ring a bell, but he’s married to our very own faithful reader Trotzenbonnie, who apparently can’t be pleased when it comes to precipitation. The drawing doesn’t look too much like her, but at least she got a costume change in there. What she and her husband do with urges and hoses is none of our business, really.

In other reader news, faithful reader rainbyrd sent in this pic of her daughter, faithful reader huntingbyrd, in her Margo!Boxcar!Saturn! shirt, coming as close to kissing a blog as the laws of physics allow. I am touched that I can corrupt the young and old alike.