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Sunday comics coming … Monday, probably, but the week’s comment of the week waits for no man! Or woman.

“‘I wish I had that stuff in my room’ is my new favorite pick-up line.” –BlinkAndItsOver

Also funny: The runners up.

Gil Thorp reminds me of a seagull I once saw at the beach. It had no legs, and every time it came down to land it would seem genuinely surprised and flummoxed by its lack of legs and flap back up into the air. I must have watched it for half an hour. As with GT, at first you feel pity and wonder if the kindest thing would be to dash its brains out with a rock. But the longer you watch, the more you start to see it as a sort of cosmic metaphor for the absurdity of existence, full of tragedy and humour. But I’m still back at the ‘dashing its brains out’ stage with GT. Or dashing my own brains out. Either way.” –Old Bean

“The Phantom is going to torture the bad guys using Pavlov’s classical conditioning? Damn, this comic just got a heck of a lot more interesting, and a heck of a lot more boring, at the same time.” –Lammergeier13

Dr. McWhitepants is only concerned that Drew is looking at a rap for statutory rape because no woman old enough to consent to sex would be caught dead in that hideous purple outfit.” –Tracer Bullet

“What on earth happened to Dr. Drew’s jaw between panel 1 and 2? In panel 1, he looks like his usual ‘Eddie Munster’ self. In panel 2 his jawline has the plant-crushing possibilities of an A. robustus, leaving us to wonder whether his improbable haircut is hiding the sort of sagittal crest we find on early hominids. Dawn probably is ‘too young’ for this unfrozen caveman.” –Frank Parsnip

“I imagine Margo would be quite a bit like a cheetah in the sack: a flurry of claws and teeth that ends in about three minutes.” –Tweeks_Coffee

“So why were the Shawna-Marie wedding guests searching for the Undynamic Duo? This is so obvious that it’s probably already been said, but maybe the guests had a moment of mass clarity and were seeking to kill them.” –Poteet

“So Thérèse talked Anthony into growing the mustache because it made him look professional, eh? And he talked her into having a baby she didn’t want. Golly gee, I guess that makes them even then.” –Eats Shoots And Leaves

“Wait, the desk manager recognizes MJ from Entertainment Tonight? This could ruin their vacation! Oh, television, you really ARE the only super-villain in Spider-Man!” –Trilobite

“You know, you gotta hand it to Françoise. Two years ago, she was nursing at the man-boob of her father. And now she’s giving him fashion advice. Maybe she’ll also tell him that his Sansabelt slacks make him seem old. Oh, and his view of women in the workplace, too.” –mumbles

“Why the heck is Nosy Older Doctor actually saying ‘wink’? What’s his next line going to be: ‘I bet she’s great in bed, what with those awesome titties! Erection!'” –Inspector Dim

“Whenever I’m trying to get a message across on the sly, I always make sure to say ‘wink’ as I do it, lest my salacious intent be confused for palsies.” –js

“I think you’re underestimating Leroy’s affinity for the avant-garde world of modern art, as he clearly seems to be sporting a pair of male leggings.” –Melissa G

“I’d always assumed that Judge Parker was a criminal court judge or something. I’m starting to suspect, however, that he is actually just a judge in the local wet t-shirt contests.” –Darkefang

“I don’t think I quite get the meaning behind Bill Ritter’s speech in Gil Thorp today. ‘The other guy can only run so far!’ Before being confronted by my junk, that is! Seriously. He can only go two panels max before I shove my crotch in his face.” –zooby

“I hope Françoise is just doing this to set them up with each other so that, while they’re busy obsessing over each other, she can escape the comic unnoticed. You go, girl. No, really, go. Far away from these freaks.” –commodorejohn

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