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Hey, everybody! I’m leaving on a week-long vacation right about … now. But fear not! As I did in January, I’m leaving you in the capable hands of faithful reader and Comics Curmudgeon pinch hitter Uncle Lumpy. He promises to have all sorts of crazy stuff in store for you, so brace yourself! But because I am a selfish bastard, I hold fast for myself the right to put up the comment of the week, which I’m doing right about … now:

“June’s so tough, she doesn’t even have to put the mouthpiece by her mouth; the phone will listen anyway because it had better.” –commodorejohn

And also the runners-up!

“Tommie has apparently forgotten rule #1 of walking around in New York: pants.” –Inspector Dim

“I’m thrilled, however, that Drew still thinks of Vera as a ‘challenge’. Drew’s probably the kind of guy who finds challenges in opening jars of mayonnaise, or deciding what opaque pink wine to pair with his steak. Because the only ‘challenge’ that Vera has really thrown at him so far is delaying a dinner date and not immediately elaborating on how much sex she has with her brother.” –Andrea D & The Grandstanding Oddballs

“Even Rex Morgan talked June into being his beard wife. Even Mark Trail agreed (albeit with a blindfold and a dart board) to find a mate after the perfunctory courtship ritual of dancing in a specific pattern before punching someone’s bearded face.” –True Fable

“Mary certainly looks lovely with that demonic smile and the Wonder Bread wrapper outfit.” –MossMoses

“So I guess Pluggers aren’t just befuddled and lower-middle-class, they’re also old. They can remember a time when life was fun, the world seemed new, and their bowels were regular. And that’s just sad. When you think about it, they’re about halfway through the male-comics-character life cycle that leads from promise and possibility to impotence and decay: Dennis, Archie, Dagwood, Plugger, Lockhorn, They’ll-Do-It-Every-Timer, Crankshaft, mulch.” –BigTed

“Clearly, Batuik is doing a Mark Trail crossover here. The question, then, becomes: how will Elrod respond? The cartooner’s code of honor demands it. Look out Mark, here comes fist cancer.” –SmartPeopleOnIce

“I have finally realized why I have struggles in the romantic department. I DON’T HAVE A BAD-ASS GREEN SUIT. Problem solved. Look out ladies!” –AlmostAGhost

“Those three-year-old issues of Reader’s Digest were quite valuable to the doctor, though: After all, Laughter IS the Best Medicine.” –Ron Hogan

“You’re all missing the big picture with Slylock Fox — Smitty is obviously the only pure human being left after some alien virus has changed everybody else to anthropomorphic animals. He’s stealing the magazines (no doubt many years old) because they’re the only reminders he can find of a time before the world became an insane, talking-animal nightmare from which he cannot awaken. Heck, my pulse would be racing too.” –zadig

“I think that Shirley the Nervous and Brave transgendered duck may be Jack Elrod’s way of apologizing to duckdom for his last portrayal of an individual duck. If you recall, its entire plot line consisted of dying in the act of blinding a large-breasted woman and then having Mark Trail go through its entrails to find out what it had eaten recently.” –The Divine O’F

“I don’t have a problem with RMMD. I can always tell when the action heats up because everyone is on the phone.” –gh

“On paper, I’m sure it makes sense. ‘Rex is a closeted doctor who gets snippy and depressed whenever he’s had to go more than two weeks without a good round of “golf.” June’s a suburban ice maiden who lives each day as though it’s her last chance to tell everyone around her how they’re getting in her way. Together, they fight crime!’ But in actuality, because Rex is so goddamn passive and June is so self-absorbed, they really don’t fight crime. Instead, they just kind of mill around crime, looking at it disdainfully and treating it like it’s the overfull garbage can their neighbor brought out to the curb two full days before trash pickup day; they won’t do anything about it, but they’ll be damned if they’ll go back inside for dinner until they’re sure that everyone’s seen how very unhappy they are with what has been done.” –Trilobite

“This week is Exhibit A for why we keep reading Apartment 3-G, folks. I defy anyone to name something more riveting than a week of third-string character Nora Mills going to the bank and then driving home. I defy them!” –Darkefang

I’ll be back on the evening of Sunday September 9. Till then, be nice to your favorite Uncle!